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Hardware Details

Master node8-way, 16GBfulla2
Quad-socket dual-core nodes8-way, 128GBcc1011
Quad-socket dual-core nodes8-way, 32GBcc1021
Dual-socket quad-core nodes8-way, 16GBcc201-...144
Total # of cores on worker nodes1168
  • Quad-socket nodes contain 2.2GHz AMD Opteron 8214 processors; they are good for shared memory parallel jobs or for jobs that require very large amount of memory per node.
  • Dual-socket nodes contain 2.0GHz AMD Opetron 235x processors; they are suitable for all kinds of jobs (serial, embarrasingly parallel, shared or distributed memory). These nodes are available under the PBS queue normal.

Operating System

Scientific Linux version 5.3, 64 bit

Mailing Lists

The cosmos-users@fnal.gov mailing list is used to send general announcements to all users of the cluster. This is a very low volume mailing list, and all users are subscribed automatically when their accounts are first added to the system. An archive of this list is available.

The cosmos-admin@fnal.gov mailing list is used to enter and track errors and their resolutions. If you have any problems when using the cluster, or you have questions, please send e-mail to this mailing list. An archive of this list is available.

Fair use policy

Make sure you have read the Fair Use Policy.

Most important requirements

Acknowledgement in publications

If your publication in substantial part depends on the simulations you ran on fulla, it would be appropriate to acknowledge its use. We suggest the following wording:
    (Some of) the simulations used in this work have been performed on the Joint Fermilab - KICP Supercomputing Cluster, supported by grants from Fermilab, Kavli Institute for Cosmological Physics, and the University of Chicago.
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